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Business plans become path to mentoring


When Sara-Grace Chan started The First Tee of Greater Houston in eighth grade, it wasn’t for love of the game.

“My mom knew a lot of business deals take place on the golf course and she wanted to make sure I knew how to play,” said Sara-Grace.  “At first I was a shy player and didn’t have much confidence on the course.”

Now a Birdie level player at Quail Valley, Sara-Grace still doesn’t love playing golf – but she does love teaching it. About a year into The First Tee, she began mentoring the younger students and started a teenage volunteer team. Recently, she became qualified to coach.

“I really enjoy teaching kids at the Player level because that’s when they are learning their individuality,” she said. “I’m personally not athletic, so I can relate when they get frustrated and encourage them to practice.”

Sara-Grace credits The First Tee with helping her develop confidence, patience and perseverance – all of which are helpful as the high school senior nears graduation. She knows that whatever path she pursues will include mentoring others.

“Volunteering is a big part of my life and Quail Valley is like my second home,” Sara-Grace said. “I love getting kids involved in golf and even if they don’t enjoy playing, I can still help them find meaning in it.”

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