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The First Tee is a family affair

Hayden Hallmark started in The First Tee when he was 7 years old, just like his two sisters did before him. Their father, John, liked the program’s focus on life skills and seeing it translate at school and in the real world.

“Besides learning golf, they get confidence and adult interaction from the program,” said John.  “Kids today can be limited in their social skills because of video games and phones.  At The First Tee I see them take off their hats, shake the coach’s hands, look them in the eye and introduce themselves.”

Hayden is now 9 years old and plays at the Par Level in Humble. He and his sisters look forward to their time on the course and meeting other people.

“I think my kids benefit from being in an activity with kids from different backgrounds,” said John. “It broadens their horizons and helps them see that even though people may come from different areas, there is still common ground.”

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